Monday, May 31, 2010

Cartoon maze of Sarah Ferguson accepting bribes, by Yonatan Frimer

Cartoon Maze of Sarah Ferguson taking bribes.
Cartoon maze of Sarah Furguson taking a bribe from a trap.
Cartoon maze of Sarah Ferguson thinking about taking money out from a bear trap which is labeled "News Of The World" and says, "I am going to try and grab it, Hopefully it's not a trap." Created by Yonatan Frimer
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This maze topic in the news.....

Sarah Ferguson Caught in $750K Bribery Scandal

Sarah Ferguson was caught on tape accepting cash from an undercover journalist in exchange for access to her ex husband, Prince Andrew, Britain's special representative for international trade and investment.

"Five hundred thousand pounds [approx $750,000] when you can, to me... [to] open doors," Ferguson, 50, says on videotape during ....(Read More)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White House Construction Leaves Visitors in a Maze of Fences

May 24, 2010 9:08 AM

Tall, black cyclone fencing and dark screen barriers are in place on the White House north lawn as a long-anticipated utility improvement project gets underway.
White House
(Credit: CBS/ Peter Maer)

It will be a big dig on a wide swath of the postcard-scene lawn just to the left of what is often seen as the front door to the White House. Officials say antiquated utility connections must be replaced. The work is creating a new maze for White House staffers, official guests and media personnel who work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The traditional entrance through what is known as the Northwest Gate will be blocked by the work. That means diplomatic motorcades will be directed to other routes instead of the traditional West Wing entrance where Marines stand watch.

Media types and others arriving at the gate are being directed to a sidewalk that approaches the White House Portico, but they won't enter through that hallowed doorway. Instead, under the always-watchful eye of the Secret Service, they'll walk down a flight of outdoor steps that lead to the briefing room level.

There's talk of erecting a temporary platform so that TV crews beaming reports from the familiar North Lawn scene will be able to shoot an unobstructed view over the construction work.

Tourists outside the White House fence will likely readjust their camera shots to get a "clean view" of the majestic North Portico.

Dozens of construction workers lined up outside the White House for security clearances so they could begin the project.

Peter Maer is a CBS News White House correspondent. You can read more of his posts in Hotsheet here.

Maze of Obama, by Yonatan Frimer

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maze cartoon of James Cameron and David Cameron

Editorial Cartoon Maze: 2010, Year to be a CameronJames and David Cameron maze cartoon

Cartoon maze editorial both David Cameron, the new prime minister of England and of James Cameron, who produced and directed Avatar, a movie that has broken many records for generating the most revenue. 2010 sure is a good year if your last name is Cameron.
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Maze cartoon's topics in the news:

David Cameron is new British Prime Minister Hasan Suroor

Britain's new Prime Minister David Cameron (left)

LONDON: Britain's first post-war coalition government, with Conservative leader David Cameron as Prime Minister and his Liberal Democrat counterpart Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister, took office on Wednesday, promising to give the country a “historic new direction” as the sun set on the 13-year Labour rule with Gordon Brown's dramatic resignation on Tuesday.

There was relief in...(Read more)

"Avatar" Could Become Highest-Selling DVD Ever

Avatar Could Become Highest-Selling DVD Ever
In less than three weeks, James Cameron's "Avatar" has become the best-selling title ever in a comparable period, with almost 20 million copies sold worldwide. The film has also sold 6.2 million Blu-ray units, which...(Read more)

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economy of greece maze cartoonmaze cartoon new start treaty by Yonatan Frimer

ipad by bill gates microsoft

Thursday, May 6, 2010

BP logo in the gulf of mexico

BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico - Maze Cartoon

BP oil spill cartoon maze

Editorial maze cartoon showing the location of the BP oil spill and how it's been used to establish their name. By Yonatan Frimer

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The topic of this Maze Cartoon in the news:

Timeline of BP Oil Disaster

A Timeline of the BP Oil Spill Crisis [Pics]

The BP Oil Spill is shaping up to be the biggest black swan in a while. In case you missed the details, here is the Cheat Sheet:

April 20: Transocean’s (NYSE: RIG) Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes off Louisiana coast. The Coast Guard responds with a search-and-rescue mission. More than 100 workers are rescued. Eleven workers missing and presumed dead.

April 21: Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes is dispatched to the Gulf to coordinate the government’s response.

April 22: The rig sinks. President Obama briefed in the Oval Office by members of his Cabinet and other advisers, including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and economic adviser Larry Summers. The government is monitoring the spill, but the focus is still largely search and rescue.

April 23: Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry says no oil appears to be leaking from the undersea wellhead or at the water’s surface.

April 24: Leak reported; oil is estimated to be leaking at the rate of 1,000 barrels a day.

April 29: Coast Guard says leak may be five times greater than earlier estimate: 5,000 barrels a day. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declares state of emergency. Napolitano declares this a “spill of national significance,” allowing additional resources to flow to the Gulf from around the country.

April 30: Napolitano and Salazar visit the Gulf region. Obama says he continues to believe in increased domestic oil production but adds it must be done “responsibly” to protect both workers and environment.

May 1: Allen, the Coast Guard commandant, is named national incident commander.

May 2: Obama visits Coast Guard station in Venice, La. Federal government bans fishing for at least 10 days in a large swath of the Gulf between the mouth of the Mississippi River and Pensacola Bay.

May 3: BP CEO Tony Hayward tells NPR his company will pay for the cleanup and any “legitimate” legal claims.

(Source: NPR)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maze cartoon of Obama's camaign promise of "Change" By Yonatan Frimer

The Promise from Obama Maze

maze of obama change
Editoral Cartoon Maze in Larger and Printable Format
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Editorial Maze Cartoon "Obama's change"

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Maze Cartoon topic in the news:

GDP grew by 3.2 percent in first quarter

By Ian Swanson - 04/30/10 09:18 AM ET

The nation’s gross domestic product increased 3.2 percent in the first quarter of 2010, bolstering the Obama administration’s arguments that the economy is improving.

The jump in GDP was lower that the 5.6 percent increase registered in the last quarter of 2009, but still represents significant economic growth. It’s the third quarter in a row that the U.S. economy has expanded.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to make a statement on the figures from the Rose Garden on Friday morning. (Read More)

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